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  • Converged voice and data billing. Whether your business provides long distance, toll free, wireless, internet, data services, VoIP, CPE, on demand services or just about anything else, we can include it on a single invoice for your customers.
  • Electronic and/or paper invoicing. Most TeleBill clients prefer our easy to understand electronic invoices for their customers; however we also provide paper versions for those who need them.
  • Online customer service interface. Through our web interface, your support staff has all relevant customer information at their fingertips to offer support, including exact copies of invoices. Ticketing functionality is also included as a standard feature. Document storage is an optional feature that allows you to attach even more customer related information (contracts, service orders, etc.) directly onto their account where the support team can access them.
  • Customer portal. Your customers can log onto the customer portal, which is branded for your company, to see their invoices, make payments, etc.
  • Operational and Financial reports. Many standard reports are available to help you manage your business. Custom reports are available as well.