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  • CABS Billing. Whether you need to bill IXCs, wireless carriers, CLECs or LECs for local, intrastate or interstate traffic, we can do it.
  • Your system or ours. If you have an existing system for CABS that you need help managing or if you need us to use one of our existing platforms for CABS billing, it's not a problem.
  • Mediation rules defined up front. Before we can accurately produce invoices, we will provide a full mediation document which outlines all of your billing rules that we'll use for CABS billing.
  • Reports. Whatever the use may be, you will find that we have a report available to assure you get the most revenue out of your CABS billing implementation.
  • Dispute management. If you don't have the staff to manage disputes that might arise from CABS invoices, we can provide the resources on as needed basis.
  • Collections. As with disputes, we can provide collection services to ensure you collect your CABS revenue quickly.