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  • LCR /Routing management for US and international destinations. With support for a wide range of switches and multiple carriers, you can manage your traffic through exception routing, time of day, and percent routing. You also have access to settlement/volume relationships with alarms and routing utilization across multiple routing plans.
  • Supplier validation. There's no need to guess whether your carriers are charging you correctly anymore. As your switch records are processed, true costs are applied according to your contract terms, making it easier to provide details for disputes.
  • Auto loading supplier costs/codes. Saves hours of time by allowing you to upload carrier rate decks in their native format. Just a few mouse clicks load the rates into the system.
  • Real time reports. Now you can easily gather reports such as traffic, QoS, margin and other key reports by customer, supplier or route and timeframe.
  • Alarms. Traffic is monitored to capture changes in MOUs, ASR and deposits. Alerts for potential fraud situations are also available, based on your business rules.
  • Code management. Keep your master destination code list up to date on supplier codes, and determine opportunities/problems associated with code definitions and recommended groupings.